Listen to my latest radio feature! ðŸ“»

Last night I featured on BBC Radio Nottingham again to talk about my travels and my mental health.

Go to 1:07:00 (1 hour 7 minutes) into the show and listen here!

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6 thoughts on “Listen to my latest radio feature! ðŸ“»

  1. Great radio feature Sarah, i really found the information about living costs a real eye opener, i would never had believed that you could eat so well for such very little money.
    Well done again for talking about this so called difficult (Taboo) subject called mental health.
    If more people actually accepted that it is an illness and not something that you should just get on with and don`t complain, then i am sure that more people would actually realise they have a problem too.
    It is so very important that they take the first step and talk to someone may be a friend or close work college, but the most important step is the first one,and If they are a true friend they will not judge you.
    You should be very proud of yourself for confronting your Demons and not sweeping them under the carpet like so many people carry on doing for most of there life
    I know i am very proud of you.
    Dad. xx

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